Who We Are

It started with a modest idea to “sell more for less”.

With a belief in the future of ecommerce and its ongoing transformation, the buddishop was born out of the COVID necessity to leverage our existing partnerships and strong Fast Moving Consumer Goods network, bringing to life the concept of “online shopping for the next generation”.

The buddishop is built on creativity and thrives because it is powered by people. In a time of increased automation, we make it our mission to keep a human connection at the heart of ecommerce.

Offering more variety, more control, more value and social distancing from the convenience of your digital device, a happy shopper is our first objective.

By optimising our lower price etail shopping model, we are motivated to create a streamlined and functional shopping experience, unpacking new categories and discounts on everyday products for our Shoppers as we grow. This is made possible by our brand partners who we are proud to call buddishop suppliers – together, we are dedicated to creating opportunities and adding value to all our customers and their communities.

Taking guidance from our core principals – client focus, desire for invention, operational superiority and future thinking – we strive to be leaders in sustainability, philanthropy and job creation. We are in it together.

Yours in online shopping – the buddishop team